That looks a bit better

As you may remember from yesterday, by back-stool stain came out a bit darker than I would have liked.  Well a bit of finishing magic and things are looking better.  I mixed up some red mahogany TransTint dye and some water and applied to the the test piece of poplar.  When I wiped up the excess I noticed that the a significant amount of the van dyk stain had come away and the wood looked significantly lighter.  I decided to throw caution to the wind and applied it to the entire chair and low and behold things look a lot better.

I had also been experimenting with some pigmented oil but mixing 1 part gum turpentine with 2 parts boiled linseed oil and adding some Warm Cyprus Umber pigment.  I decided to apply it to the chair as well.

A coat of boiled linseed oil a few hours later and things are starting to look up.

The right most board has opposite grain direction which explains why it looks different.




Back Stool Finishing Starts

Since I am back in town full time I am starting to make some progress.  I cut the legs to attain the seat slope listed in the Anarchist’s Design Book but ended up cutting it a second time to take an additional 3/4 inch off the front two legs. I then pinned the crest rail tenons with bamboo skewers and trimmed them flush.

After a bit of sanding it was time to start the finishing process.  I have been repainting the third bedroom in our house so all of my drop-cloths were already out upstairs so up we went.  I had mixed ups some van-dyke crystal dye last year as mark of a test batch of finish so I used that


I was planning on the black on red milk-paint from the Chair-maker’s notebook but now I’m starting to rethink that. This is a test project so I might try some Watco over the stain and see how it looks.