Dining Table Bench -The Plan

I took advantage of my time at the airport and on the plane to come up with the final model for my bench.  Using SketchUp’s Photo match tool I was able to come up with a reasonable version of the bench using inches rather than cm.

in progress 1

My first version was close but the position of the foot rail was too low and the skirt was too narrow.  A 1/8th inch set back for the skirt was less than I expected but 1/4 looked like too much.

in progress 2

After a few adjustments I had the components the right size and had added a 1/4 bead along the skirt.

in progress 3

Adding the chamfers took a while to figure out but 1/2 inch looks about right.  The  round over on the stretcher is a 1/2 inch radius with 1/8 inch shoulders.  I


In the end I ended up with three versions: the original (left), one where the side stretchers have an 1/8th inch reveal (center), and one that carries the round over profile to the side stretcher (right).  Right now the middle version is my pick as the added reveal will help to hide any defects but I will see what SWMBO picks.

I’ll Make the SketchUp file available once I figure out how but in the mean time here is the cut sheet for the middle version; I have not finalized the length yet but I am using 4′ 2″ between the outside edges of the legs.

# Part                        H          W            L

1 Top                           1 1/4″   10 1/2″   51 1/2″ 57″

4 Legs                         1 7/8″  1 7/8″    18″

2 Short Skirt            2 7/8″  3/4″       8 1/4″ (includes 1 1/4″ tenon on each end)

2 Long Skirt             2 7/8″  3/4″       49 1/4″ (includes 1 1/4″tenon on each end)

2 Side Stretcher      1 3/8″   1 5/8″   7 1/4″ (includes 1″ tenon on each end)

1 Long Stretcher     1 3/8″   1 7/8″   48 1/2 (includes 1″ tenon on each end)


Edit 5-30-2016 – Realized I did not notice a long overhang on the ends of the bench which looks more like 3.5″.  Top dimensions have been updated.