I’m an amateur woodworker who works as a data analytics consultant.  I originally learned using power tools and am in the process of shifting to mostly hand tools.  Take everything you read here with a grain of salt as I am no expert.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there!

    I am enjoying your blog. I see that you are following my two place holder blog pages too. Not much content there. It’s all been on ThemadcapWoodwright.wordpress.com

    Anyhow, I built…ahem…overbuilt a hybrid Scandinavian bench two years ago.(or a year ago…I don’t know)

    Lately I have been itching for a Roubo. I currently have a cobbled together out feed table for my saw that is taking up space where the Roubo should go.

    It looks like you built yours like I had planned to. 4×6’s edge glued for the top specifically.

    I had looked at face glueing seven of them to make the top though. Could you give me any of your thoughts regarding your method and how it turned out?


    • I really like how it turned out, it was way less work than using 2×6 and it was easier to move around than larger timbers. I would recommend it. I used Douglas fir (because I’m on the west coat) and the top is a bit soft but I have no complaints. The leg vise is great


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