Redwood Fossil Box

Its been a while since I made any progress has been made on the major projects so thought I would pst a quickie. Over the summer we were hiking on our Wyoming property looking for small fossils when my oldest found a shark tooth. While I mentally know there was a huge inland sea across the middle of the US but finding a fossilized shark tooth in a hill in the middle of a high altitude desert.

I had promised we would build a box for it and other fossils but the US2020 election was pretty crazy so it got delayed until recently. As I was packing up the shop he found a chunk of redwood 4×4 that he wanted to use for his box so I decided to make a bandsaw box (a first for me). We went with rare earth magnets epoxied in place as the catch.

All in all not bad but we glued the bottom in rotated 180 degrees and we had to use Gorilla Glue since I was out of titebond. We will line the inside with cloth eventually so the foam squeeze out is not a concern. A wet sanded coat of BLO followed by spray can shellac and finished with dark paste wax.

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