My Son has his first tool.

Over the weekend my oldest and I took a woodworking class together at a neighborhood shop where we built a kid sized mallet. The owner used to be a kindergarten teacher so it was a great experience for my son who has a tendency to not really listen.

After a 2.5 hour class we had a decent kid sized wooden mallet but my sone wanted to add some wood to the gaps around the wedge but i suggested some black tinted 24 hour epoxy which we also used to fill in a loose knot.

The next day i used a card scraper to smooth off the epoxy and my son sanded everything smooth before adding raw linseed oil thinned with true turpentine.

Why yes that is a Claro Walnut child’s mallet (the owner had received some free cutoffs from someone). Once the oil cures we might add some shellac but we will see.

2 thoughts on “My Son has his first tool.

  1. Is the handle just a 1″ dowel?

    Definitely easier to source and build with a bunch of small kids, but I’d worry about the grip on that… maybe add a leather loop to the end that he can slip his hand through for additional security?

    Or maybe the two of you could make a more standard mallet handle at some point in the future and replace the dowel.

    In any case, great job on the first tool! It’s a slippery slope, btw, if they show even an iota’s amount of interest in woodworking. I have the wisdom of experience in this matter…


    • Yeah i had the same concerns regarding grip. I had considered using a rasp to add texture but I like the idea of a loop instead. Claro Walnut is not the idea material for a mallet so I assume we will need to make a new one before to long.

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