Butterflies may have jumped the shark

This afternoon i was touring the new office space of one of my clients (tech startup) when my host pointed out their new tables. Inlaid brass butterflies work pretty well in the “industrial chic” of their new office.

Then I happened to notice the oddly consistent need for split control and became suspicious.

Is it just me or do those look like saw marks in that split?


2 thoughts on “Butterflies may have jumped the shark

  1. The fact that each table has a formulaic layout of brass butterflies is suspect, I agree. And those do look like vertical saw marks inside that split. and the split on the edge looks very straight as well, though that might be the one place where you could clean up the split to make it not so ragged. Did you get a look at the underside? I suspect if they faked the cuts they’d spend zero time trying to make the underside look natural.

    I still don’t see anything at all wrong with butterflies and patches, as long as they’re necessary and not faked.

    This? This is… this is taking something that is supposed to be vibrant, unique, and natural (a live edge table with it’s own challenges of borders and splits and whatever else comes with dealing with specific, unique pieces of wood) and turning it into a mass-produced lifeless lump of soulless commercialism.

    And it’s weird how the wooden edges of the butterfly inlay spots are uneven and wavy. Is the table that far from flat?? Or the brass butterfly so unevenly inlaid? I suspect the former. Which accounts for the completely matte finish. Any sort of a gloss finish would highlight that laziness.

    Also, it looks terrible with the plastic chairs.

    But I _STILL_ love doing butterfly inlays. I even have some ideas for bronze butterflies (not brass; brass just doesn’t have the depth and colour of bronze, imho) that I still want to do. They wouldn’t look anything like this.


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