Shaping the legs of the Bench

My second son (time to start saving up for the teenage food bills) arrived a little over a week ago and everyone is doing great.  

Maybe it’s a sign that I work to much but this paternatity leave has been very productive for work around the house.  Projects that have been languishing for months are finally getting done.  Case in point, the dining table bench joinery is almost complete as we are approaching the one year mark on the project.  
Only two joints remain but since there were two sleeping children and a very sleepy moma I decided to start shaping the legs.  After checking my models it was time for layout.  First I set a pencil compas to 7/16ths and marked out the chamfers: then using a divider set or 5/8″ and another set to 1 1/4″ I marked out the top and bottom of the transition curves; and then used one of my French curves to trace the curve.

Next I sawed the transition points from the chamfer bottom to the curve to arrest any splits that might start while removing material.

A draw knife removed most of the waste and then I experimented with various tools to make the curve before settling on my largest chisel bevel side down.  Then a snap spoke shave smoothed out the chamfer.  Still a lot of “make pretty” work to go but it’s starting to look like the original.

Three more to go…

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