Weekend update 2017-02-12

The weekend was mostly taken up with painting and other prep work for my son’s new bedroom but on Sunday I did manage to sneak a bit of shop cleanup and woodworking in.  During the cleanup I found the third crest rail blank that I had prepared so I steamed it and pressed it into the form with the pieces clamped down.  In the end the piece split and the vise wrenched itself loose.  It’s still attached but it’s got a lot of play.

While I was working in the garage I sat the backstool in the sun foe a bit.  The torrential rains the past week Have slowed the oil finish curing so hopfully a few hours of earth will speed it up so I can put on some shellac. It’s a shame that one board was glued up the wrong way as the difference in look detracts from an otherwise pleasant effect.  If I hadn’t built it myself I would assume it was from a different board.

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