Well that’s darker than I expected

After letting the backstool dry for a couple of days while I was out of town I was disappointed to see how dark it ended up.  You can see the seat ended up much darker than the test peice of poplar (which I now realize is from another seat blank and probably a different species of “poplar”) so now I need to decide what I am going to do.  

I only have small quantities of black and red milk paint at this time and I don’t want to order more at this time because the second kid is only 2 months away which means even less woodworking time.  

The seat and the crest rail both look a bit muddy and could do with some red and the oak ended up with some pores without color.  I do have some earth pigments which I could use to mix up some tinted oil to fill in the un-dyed pores which would requires some experimentation.  I also might have enough paint for some thin washcoats.

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