Back stool seat layout

It’s been a busy few weeks at work but the company I’ve been fixing has finally turned the corner (yay!) so I get to be home for a couple of weeks.  I snuck in a couple hours in the garage and smoothed out the seat blank for the back stool.

After trimming the front edge on the band saw and smoothing it out with my low angle block plane I marked out the edges of the seat and the locations for the mortices.

Bending fail

Well this weekend I tried to bend the crest rail do my back stool but things did not go great.

First the bending form needed to be built.  I glued up two pairs of boards and then cut them into curves which were then glued together.

I then used the oscillating spindle sander to smooth out the curves.  The piece of wood then went into a roasting pan for 75 min per the Anarchists Design book’s instructions.  When I placed the board into the form I had considerable difficulty  compressing the form and soon hard the sound of cracking.

I think there were several problems; the wood is likely driver than I intended as I had planned to steam bend months ago.  Secondly, the wood sank in the water so it was more of a boil than a steam (this euclyptus globulus is denser than water). Finally, the grain was not straight and the split was right where a grain line crossed the edge of the board.

Next weekend I will build an actual steam box and I’ll make sure the grain is straight.

Back stool seat blank

It’s been three weeks on travel and the comming week will be a tough one, 4 cities in four days.  I was putzing around in the garage this weekend and given the limited time I had I did not feel like sharpening my morticing chisel which is necessary for me to continue on the bench.  Instead I finally planed the matching joints for the seat blank I started building all those months ago.

Hopfully on Friday I will be back home and get to finish up the seat blank and bite some holes.