Is this somthing? (Backyard archeology)

My backyard project sometimes seems more like an archeological dig as 100 year old garbage keeps showing up.  In additional to the usual broken pottery, animal bones and rusted cans a few interesting items have appeared such as a  this small firemans helmet made from lead.

I also found this lump of rust next to an intact milk bottle and a set of nylon stockings (no idea if they were buried together).  Somthing about its shape caused me to pull out of the pile and drop it in my electrolysis machine.

If you have any guesses this then in the comments and I’ll post what ends up coming out (my guess is a door knocker).

I actually made some progress on the bench as well since SWMBO suggested that I take a small break from the back yard and work on the bench.  All the top rail mortice and tenons are complete and I have trimmed the top end of the leg based on the mortices.

I then started on the bottom rails and given the dimensions I have decided to use a double tenons to attach them to the legs, which will be a first for me.

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