Well cork does come from a tree so….

Progress continues on the bench (though most of my time has been taken up working on the yard) but no one wants to see posts about the same tenon being cut multiple times so the blog has been silent as of late.  

This weekend was a bit different as I headed up to Cody, Wyoming for some fly fishing with my best friend.  He is a resent arrival in town so we were doing a bit of exploring in addition to fishing; there are few places where .44 magnum revolves and bear spray are standard fishing gear.

About halfway through the second day I noticed my reel was loose and attempting to tighten the nut opended a gap in the cork.  A brief investigation back at his garage showed that the cork was a structural component for the reel nuts and the 40+ year old cork had finally had enough (this rod was my dad’s and was one of the first fiberglass rods on the market). 

Seriously, who makes cork a structual conponent?

Well we still had one more day of fishing planned so some 60 minute epoxy was applied and things were good as new; we will see how well it holds up.

Fortunately for the fish, the third day was no more productive than the first 2 but when your casting in places like this, who cares what you catch.


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