Trestle Table – finish is finished

Not a ton of woodworking this weekend but I did get the finish on the table top.  4 coats of General Finishes high performance sanded with 320 in between.    Overall, it’s okay but there are a few defects that would have taken several more coats to clear out so it falls into “good enough”.

Final assembly and wax will happen next weekend in the meantime it will finish curing in the extra bedroom.

3 thoughts on “Trestle Table – finish is finished

  1. “Perfection” should always be the goal. And we should always understand that it is never achievable. So we should work to achieve perfection, but also know when we’ve reached the level where we are satisfied with our work and know we’ve done our best, all things considered (materials, cost, time, skill, extenuating circumstances).

    And we should also remember that we will see defects that *nobody* else (including many woodworkers) will ever see or notice because we gain such an intimate understanding of THAT piece of wood or project after having spend so much time with it.

    Looks great, Alex. Thanks for sharing the process.


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