McGuyvering a Kiln

As I mentioned a while back, my euclyptus seat boards are still really wet so in between coats of schellac on the table base I decided to start building a redneck version of Peter Galbert’s.

As it worked out, a single 4×8 sheet of clad foam insulation would make a kiln large enough to hold the seat blanks and the eventual crest rail molds.  I taped the pieces into a 4 foot tall box.


A raid of the scrap pile and I had a frame that fit inside and I mounted a heat light on the base board.   


 The wiring was rigged through a chicken incubator thermostat which right now is hanging loosely under the top board.

4 blacks were placed on the rack, I set it for 90 degrees and after 30 minutes the light had shut off so it seems to work.

It still needs some cleanup work but it’s a start.


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