Moxon Vise Modifications

My shop has become a mess so with the table base currently residing in the house decided to clean up a bit.  When I pulled out my Moxon vise to clean under it I decided to make some modifications I had been planning.  In a recent post on his Popular Woodworking blog, Chris Schwarz mentioned he had made some design changes to combat tipping problems.  Since this is one of the problems I keep having I decided to do the same.

My front jaw extends below the rear jaw, the thinking being to make it easier to line up with the edge of the bench but this was pointless so the extra wood was planned away.  Then I extended the chamfer around the edges and applied a coat of 100% tung oil.  It will dry slow but I’d rather minimize the darkening of the maple.

I like it, and before I built my leg vise I used it frequently. My one regret is making the thing so big. I made it large enough to act as a saw vise for a full size hand saw and that has made it a bit tough to store and move.

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