Hey look, its a table base.

I did not put in as much shop time this weekend as I should have but some good progress was made.  On Saturday I spent several hours adjusting the leg assemblies.  I sharpened my low angle block plane and shaved down all of the end grain portions, used my jointer plane to flush up all of the various parts, and adjusted the feet pads to bring both sides into square.

After that I snuck up on the fit for the first tenon and managed to get it into place.  My #10 Carriage Maker’s Rabbit Plane made this process much easier.


The second tenon happened on Sunday and went much faster thanks to having the router plane dialed in and an existing tenon to use as a template; Though I still managed to make mangle the shoulder resulting in some pretty major gaps.  This week I will sharpen up my shoulder plane and get the shoulders sorted out before I fit the middle support

Since this was the first time putting the parts of the base together I wanted to take a look at how square everything looked but unfortunately, there are no flat floors in my workshop and my bench is not level (heavily sloped garage floor).  I carried the parts upstairs and dry fit them in the dinning room with favorable results.  My wife decided she liked the danish modern look so the planned milk paint will instead be clear finish.

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