Trestle table base – in the home stretch(er)

A lot of progress this weekend.  I finished assembling the second leg assembly and trimmed the wedges and pins.

I also milled the cross piece and cut it to length.  A couple of weeks ago I realized that the piece of construction lumber I had air drying in my garage was not going to work so I was forced to pick up a piece of kiln dried SVG from the hardware store lumber yard (this one board cost more than the rest of the base combined).

Unfortunately, the widest piece they had was a 2×6 and the design calls for a 6 inch wide board.  To make up the difference, I decided to add the corbels before cutting the tenons.  I lasted out the strips on the cutoff from the board and added 3 inches to make up for the tenon.

A little work with the draw knife, spoke-shave, and spindle sander gave me matching curves.  In the process I realized I had shaped the wrong end of one of the boards so the grain direction is the opposite of the stretcher… Oh well.

Tonight I will figure out how to cut a through tenon on a 5 foot long board.


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