More wood for future project

Since my Eucalyptus is making good progress on the drying front and progress in the table is going well I decided it was time to get the lumber for the chair legs.  I have had zero luck finding suitable green lumber (my usual green waste contacts get very little oak except Coastal Live oak and no maple) so I made a trip to my usual hardwood supplier in the city.

I was hunting for red oak but after seeing ash is slightly cheaper so I picked up some 8/4 ash in addition to some 12/4 red oak (none of the 8/4 had arrow straight grain).  I also picked up some 12/4 yellow poplar since I have decided to make Chris Schwarz’s Staked Back Stool (from the Anarchist’s Design Book) as a learning project.

First step was to chop the red oak into 19 inch sections.

I attempted to use my froe to split off the legs but the 12/4 material is too thick.  Looks like I’ll need to set up the band saw.

While I had the planet out for the restless table I decided to run the poplar blanks through to get them to a consistent thickness.  I will slice them when I set up the band saw.

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