Well that went poorly

I’m slammed with work at the moment but since my glue showed up I decided to start putting the base together.  The base went in some clamps and the pin was driven home.


Looks good from this side….


Unfortunately a splintering sound alerted me to trouble.  I had to much offset, too much taper, or both and I ended up with a split pin and some blowout.


This side is a different story



6 thoughts on “Well that went poorly

  1. Ah, nuts! :-\

    But… fixing things is when I seem to become most creative. And I always do my best work when I’m under pressure like that.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any ideas here… but I’ll ponder it.


  2. Man…I hate that for you. I did the exact same thing when building my trestle horses a few years back. Store bought dowels suck for draw boring. Riven is the way to go. Remember the pin must be able to flex along the length of the pin that is contained within the joint. After some not so scientific testing with scraps in the vise, I concluded that a 1/2″ pin over a 3″ joint is the limit. I also found that a long taper with a heavy taper at the very tip, makes a big difference.
    I have no doubt that you can clean this little issue up and it will be just fine when all is said and done.


    • This dowel had very straight grain which was why I used it. I think the main problem was the lack of taper, looking at it after the fact I did not taper it enough. Other side will get what you recommend, a long taper with a heavy drop at the beginning.

      I should have used the sander rather than being lazy and using a chisel.

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