Finish testing – black on red part 1

No progress recently however the forecasted torential rains caused me to move the eucalyptus into the garage.  One of the thin boards was twisting itself apart so I decided to cut it apart in an effort to save some of the wood.  I decided to dry out one of the ruined pieces in the oven to use for finish testing.  1 hour in the oven at 200 and an overnight rest took it down to 13% which will work for a test piece.

Since I was not sold on the green milk paint for the table base I decided to try the black over red finish listed in the Chairmaker’s notebook so a cut off from the table base (Douglas fir) and some Euclyptus were prepared for sample boards.  Both boards were planed smooth and were lightly sanded with 220 and then they were sprayed with water to raise the grain.

 Once they were dry, the raised grain was smoothed with some 400 and half of each board was taped off and a solution of Van Dyke crystals was applied to each board and then wiped off. 

After letting them dry I have a few thoughts.  My boards look much darker than those shown in the Chairmaker’s Notebook.  This could be because I only sanded to 220 or my Van Dyke mix is a bit strong.  Also, I really like the look of the stained Euclyptus.


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