Trestle Table Leg Finish – option 1

My mother in law came into town this week so the limited after work hours have been spending cleaning the house and garage.  This resulted in limited shop time so I decided to put together a test piece for the leg finish.

I had purchased some green and yellow from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint company with the intention of using on the next project.  I used a cutoff piece and used my smithing plane followed by two coats of yellow.  Then I added a coat of oil to one side and added two coats of green.  The first coat of each color got lightly sanded with 400 grit and every coat was burnished with a between coat sanding pad.  Then a coat of oil in the green.


I had some adhesion problems with the green over the oil so I am glad I did a test piece.  I’m also not super happy with the resulting color but I will see what SWMBO thinks.

I’m also planning on trying the red under black finishing regiment from the Chairmaker’s Notebook.  I have ordered some Van Dyke crystals and once they arrive I will give it a try.


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