Miter Saw part 2

last night I finished sharpening the saw and cleaned up the handle and screws a bit.  The handle got a light rub down with 22o sand paper before I applied a 50/50 mix of true turpentine and BLO using a sanding pad.  Once that dried I added some more BLO to the mix for a second application.  The brass screws got a rough cleaning with 4oo grit.

After a few test cuts i coated the whole plate and back with some paste wax and added some oil to the guide sleeves. A few more test cuts showed clean and accurate cuts so I decided to trim the ends of a couple of leg parts which resulted is a cutbthatvwas very much out of square. Luckily I I had left a bit extra so I think it will be okay.


Before I called it a night I added a coat of straight BLO which looked pretty nice this morning.  I’ll give it a few days to cure (in traveling for work) and then illnprobably add a coat of wax.

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