Miter saw restoration

You know how sometimes what should be a simple task snowballs into a bunch of work?  Well that happened to me tonight.  

I left work early (it was a holiday after all) and intended to start cutting the table leg pieces to length.  Since some of these cuts would be angles I decided to use the large miter box I had acquired on eBay a while back.  Unfortunately the saw was unbelievabley dull and my small Stanly 150 miter box is to small for the pieces so I decided to sharpen the saw.


After taking the handle off I realized the back had been tapped down unevenly, resulting in a 1/4 less saw plate between the teeth and the back at the toe when compared to the heel and the middle had been tapped down even more.  I resolved to remove the back and remove as much rust from the plate as I could.


  After struggling to remove the back for 55 minutes I filled the back with wd40 and 3in1 And took a few hour break to have dinner and put the kiddo to bed (the stiches fron the surgery have been bothering him).  After returning to the garage it took another 45 minutes to wrestle the back off and my workbench tail vise is a bit dirty with oil now.

After sanding away as much rust as I could, it was time to joint the teeth.  This took quite a while because as with most miter saws, this one had a substantial dip in the middle.  I then shaped the teeth (keeping the saw perpendicular to the plate) until the flats were removed and then reinstalled the back.  This time the distance between the teeth and the back is consistent along the length of the plate.


Tomorrow I will sharpen the teeth, adding the fleam this time, and do some work on the handle. 


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