Eucalyptus Update 1

well so much for “winter”. When I got back into town over the weekend I noticed there was no rain in the forecast so I pulled the plastic off of the lumber stack to get the drying process started.  What’re I didn’t anticipate is the 70+ degree weather, high winds, and the utter lack of fog.  Wednesday afternoon I checked on the stack and noticed that the weather had not been kind.  Two think boards and one thin one had some pretty major checks.  I have twice as many thin boards as I need but it looks like I lost a full chair seat.

  I need to figure out where my moisture meter is and do another test but in the meantime the plastic went back over the stack.

Update: I found my moisture meter and no wonder they cracked; some of the boards near the top had dropped to 20% moisture in only a week and a half.  Towards the bottom it was a more reasonable 27% but I’ll leave the plastic over the stack for the next couple of weeks.


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