Live and learn

Well it’s always a good idea to get another opinion so after I block stacked my eucalyptus on sat I made a post on the Woodnet forum.  Luckily, someone pointed out that the block-stacking and the plastic wrap in the study were probably related to the Boron treatment and sure enough, some more google searching found that is indeed the case.  A summary of other studies suggested applying a plastic sheet over the racked lumber in the first few weeks would be a good idea.

I also discovered that I should have painted the end grain immediately after cross cutting to reduce checking.  So apparently tonight I am going to be painting end grain and re-stacking the boards with air gaps.  Hopefully I have not done too much damage.  I will still have the plastic sheeting over it for a few weeks to slow things down.

Update: luckily the hardware store in the financial district had some 1 by 2 pine and we drove to work today so when I got home I cut them down to size and used the band saw to rip them in half.  The. My shop assistant helped me to restack the lumber and  painted the end grain with some leftover latex paint.  The wratchet straps will keep the stack from getting knocked over and the plastic sheeting will slow the drying process and keep off the rain. 

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