Finally Recoverd from the Flu

This weekend I finally felt well enough to get back into the shop so progress has been made.  Before the flu hit, I had rough cut the 2x4s for the table’s frame.  Since I’m using Douglas Fir, I decided to minimize the splintering and scored both sides of the cut.


As I mentioned previously, I decided to move a bit to the dark side and invest in a power thickness planer.  My Sunday trip to Home Depot became a bit of a comedy of errors; I had checked online that it was in stock but when I arrived at the store the shelves were empty.  A quick check with the sales associate located the extra stock at the top of a self and the next hour and a half involved 7 people, a ladder, and two different powered lifters.  Purchasing the darn thing took almost all of nap time so I was was not able to do much more than setup/adjust the machine before I had had to call it an afternoon.

My shop assistant helping to adjust the feed tables

The few test boards I ran through this evening came out with an almost mirror finish so overall I am impressed with the results.  My one complaint is that the dust collector interferes with the rear feed table folding up to setting up and putting away requires a screw driver and takes longer than I would like but the impressive effective dust collection more than makes up for it.


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