Table Progress and a Diversion

After looking at the options we decided to ignore the board widths and go with the original show faces.  After a bit of smoothing and edge jointing I had a serviceable spring joint.


After a moderately annoying glue-up I have a table top.


Maybe I finally have enough clamps.

Unfortunately, the table work was interrupted by household work.  While I was making lunch during nap time, my oldest suddenly came walking out of his room and into the kitchen as he has now apparently learned how to climb out of his crib.  Two more escapes made it clear that we needed to convert the crib into its bed format however the piece needed to make the conversion apparently did not make the move so off to Home Depot for a piece of walnut.

After cutting it to length and jointing the edges a few passes with the cabinet scraper we were good to go.


Some garnet shellac and some pocket screws and we were good to go.



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