Starting 2016 with some Table Progress

Well it looks like I spoke to soon when I said last months glue up occured without any problems; the boards ended up in reverse order from what I intended.  I guess that is more of a planning error than a glue up error but the net effect is the same.

I’m using boards of variable width so the plan had been to make the outside edges of the table the wide boards and the narrow boards in the middle.  Unfortunately this is how it currently is.
My first thought to correct it was to level the backside and flip one of them over, unfortunately this results in a book matched look that emphisies the color variation in the boards.
All of my careful layout work for naught.  This could have been avoided if I had glued the top up as one piece or if I had a larger shop space or if I had killed all of the boards and re-done the layout.  Live and learn.

Tomorrow I’ll set up some saw horses in the sun and we shall see which looks better.


2 thoughts on “Starting 2016 with some Table Progress

  1. What glue did you use? If you used hide glue sweat them apart and fix it. If you used pva glue and can spare the width, saw them apart and fix it.
    Assuming you can’t find an orientation of the current arrangement that suits you.
    Good luck no matter your path.


    • PVA, I was concerned about starving the joint if I used LHG. Unfortunately I don’t have a table saw so I would be hand ripping them apart and re-planing the edges (I did consider it) but I don’t have the width to spare. If it was fancy hardwood I would probably do it but this is a Douglas fir top that my kids will end up beating up so we will just pick the best looking option.

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