Woodworking in The Berenstain Bears

I’ve been workshop free in Philadelphia at my in-laws’ house so no work has been happening.  Instead I decided to post some images from the Berenstain Bears’ New Baby in which papa bear does some green woodworking to make small bear a new bed.

I’ve been reading this book to my son for months and this scene still bothers me, in particular the weird plane in Papa Bear’s tool box.

Things are a bit more reasonable during the actual construction; note the stump and log work holding and another weird plane.

All for now, hopefully the new year will start with an assembled table top.

2 thoughts on “Woodworking in The Berenstain Bears

  1. Was just reading this book last week (niece was in the hospital having a baby and someone had brought this book as a present) with a similar level of discomfort.

    I said something out loud about Brother Bear waking up in the middle of the night to the sounds of cracking as he fell to the floor when the green lumber split and twisted in the dryness of a fireplace-heated tree house.

    Everyone just stared at me.

    It looks like he’s using a hinge mortise plane. Or one of those Sears specials with the disposable razor blades that clamped into the blade/chip breaker assembly? Or maybe a drywall “plane”? (Those latter ARE very useful for shaving off drywall edges…)


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