Leg Vise – Part 2

Tonight after the kiddo was put to bed I headed down to the garage, pulled the chop out of its clamps, and proceeded to battle the end grain in my shooting board.  My #7 is going to need resharpening after the battle with the hard maple and I ended up resorting to my Japanese saw rasp but the end is fairly square with the sides.

After planning both sides until everything was relatively flat I clamped the chop to the leg and marked the screw whole position from the back using the auger bit.

My #6 and #7 then made short work of the tapered easement of the top and I sawed a 45 degree angle where the chop sides meet the body.

Then I used the chamfer shave to ease all of the edges before testing the fit in its final location.  It looks like I will eventually need a longer acme rod but at the moment it should work for my needs.  I also still need to to chop the mortises for the parallel guide but it’s getting there.

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