Upgraded Electrolysis Setup

Given that I have several tools that will be needing rust removal I decided it was finally time to upgrade my electrolysis setup to use rebar.

I started with some small poplar strips I had laying around from some previous project and built two parts of a hexgon which are bolted together (this wil make it to the hexagon can fit in the bucket for storage).

  The flats got 1/2 inch holes in the middle which held the rebar and pipe ground clamps hold the rebar in place.  I only had 4 pieces of rebar but the plan is to eventually have 6. 

The bade and chip breaker from the coffin smoother I found got suspended from a 1/2 inch dowel with notches and into the usual bath.


After about 4 hours in the bath the blade looked pretty good.


2 thoughts on “Upgraded Electrolysis Setup

    • Well I’m an engineer by training but really I’m just good at google. It’s my favorite way to clean rust, cheap, easy and good for the environment (as long as you don’t use stainless or galvanized steel)

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