Workbench shelf

Having already drilled all of my dog and holdfast holes, last night I started working on the self for my bench and I realized two things: end vises are awsome and scrub planes eat 2x4s for breakfast.  
Chris’s design uses a 1×1 cleat on the stretchers to support the shelf boards so decided to rip them out of a old, junk 2×4 that was originally part of a crate.  I used my new bench top band saw to rip off two strips and the squared one of the strips but forgot to square the other before I put the saw away.  This meant I had nearly a half inch of wood to remove.  The scrub plane destroyed this in about 5 seconds, flattening the back of the blade made a big difference.

Then I squared and smothed the faces with my #7 and I will install them to tonight.

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