Workbench – Not finished but usable

Last night I flattened the benchtop, drilled some holes in the front leg, and adjusted the end vise’s chop to fit/line up better.

The Stanley #10 was very useful working on the chop since I put a sloped rabbet On the back side to line up with the vise face.  I’ve ordered some more of the leather I used on the Moxon vise which will finish it off.  The two dog holes in the back right corner work for the moment but this weekend I plan on adding a few along the front edge and a few more holdfast holes.

I still need to add the bottom shelf and build the deadman and leg vise but it’s already functional.


3 thoughts on “Workbench – Not finished but usable

    • Not sure, I will measure it tonight. The top ended up thinner than I had planned due to a botched glue up and some bad twist that developed when we moved to our new house.

      The end vise and moved leg did result in it being a bit when I move it but I’m hopping the added weight of the leg vise will offset that since I am using hard maple.


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