I have a workbench!

After spending all day Saturday at the Bay Area Galoot’s Bag-a-thon (it is fun to spend time with other people who suffer from the same affliction) I spent Sunday putting together my bench.


Once all of the stretcher tenons were cut it was time for a dry fit to mark out the draw-bore pin locations. I then drilled the corresponding holes in the tenons, offsetting them 1/16th of an inch.


I then realized I had not cut the groove for my future sliding deadman so I marked out a half inch wide groove 3/4th of an inch from the front edge and marked the center line of the groove. Then I bored out a 5 inch wide, 1.2 inch deep mortise on each end with my brace.


Next out came the Stanley 45 with a half inch cutter which made short work of the groove (I ended up swapping the fence side half way and using it left handed to make things easier).


Once the groove was cleaned up I added a ramped area of the groove to make added/removing the deadman possible.


One the kiddo was put to bed it was time to actually assemble everything. Titebon liquid hide glue was put in all of the cortices and the undercarriage was assembled and slid into the through mortises. Then through a combination of clamping pressure and a small sledge the legs was worked into final position and clamps were applied to all of the stretchers before the oak pegs (tapered and waxed of course) were driven home. I only had one peg failure so it went pretty well.


Net all of the clamps were removed, I flipped the bench over, and reapplied the clamps holding the top and legs together. Once wedges were driven into most of the mortise gaps it was time to clean up and call it a night

6 thoughts on “I have a workbench!

  1. Bravo Alex! Bravo! Now all you have to do is drill (or mortise) your dog holes and add one vise. Then you’re truly off to the races. Looking forward to hearing your opinions on the bench as you start to put it through the rounds.


  2. This is one of those situations where a simple homemade jig will save you oodles of trouble. And a brace or a corded drill will do, but don’t try a cordless. Just too much stress on the lil d/c motor.


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