One man’s trash

While walking home from the bus stop last night I noticed an old English style tool box next to a pile of refuse, in front of the “creepy” house in the neighborhood.  The lid hinges were mostly rusted through and I noticed a saw in the saw till so I picked it up and brought it home (I left a note in case it was not trash).  This was easier said than done since part of the bottom fell out when I picked it up.

This box had either been exposed to the elements for some time or was stored somewhere wet as the wood has serious water stains and rot.

Opening it up found a removable saw till (which used to have a lid) at the top and a removable too caddy with a handle.

At the bottom were subdivided compartments.  Overall the contents was junk, literally; but there was a badly rusted Union 45 rabbet plane and a neat little coffin smoother.

The saw saw straight but the blade is very rusted and the handle looks water damaged.

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