Workbench – Uh Oh

One of the first phrases my son learned and understood was “Uh Oh”; when you hear a toddler go “Uh Oh” you have no idea what you are going to find.  Well last night I had an “Uh Oh” moment (what I said was a bit less family friendly).  

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I finished chopping the stretcher mortices in one of the legs.  I then drilled out one side of the mortice on the other three legs and since it was late, I decided to hold of on the noisy act of chopping and laid out some of the 3/4″ holes in the right front leg (which is the one I finished morticing).  

In his original design, Chris had three holes with an 8″ spacing.  When I marked these out, the bottom hole ended up in the middle of the mortice.  Apparently, when I laid out the mortices I was on the wrong side of the line I marked during the dry fit…..  

My choices are:

  • keep them where I have them and have stretchers that are 9 inches above the floor instead of the 4 inches I intended
  • re-mark and re-drill in the correct place and live with the holes in the legs

The platforms on my saw horses at 8 inches from the floor so I think my Moxon vise will still fit under the bench.  Unfortunately I marked and cut the front and rear stretchers based on the “correct” placement and the new position will end up interfering  with the lower support of the leg vise so I will end up stooping more to adjust the pin.


3 thoughts on “Workbench – Uh Oh

  1. Having trouble visualizing the issue. Pictures might help. Can you fill the holes, though? Or chop out the full mortise you were trying to make and then patch it? Don’t have to chop out but an inch or so of it; that would make patching it easier, too.

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