Vise Restoration – part 1

After looking over the vise I purchased on Craig’s List I decided it just needed some minor rust removal.  It looks like it was rainted at some point (there is paint on the parallel bars near the front) and while I don’t know what is under that paint, overall the surface looks pretty good.  Most of the rust is on the bottom on the parallel bars and the screw so I decided to start with some electrolysis rust removal.



I hooked it up to the electrolysis machines and put it into a bucket of water and washing soda for around 4 hours.

After a brief scrub with a sanding pad and a wire brush things are looking considerably better.


I put on some Camilla oil and tomorrow I will use abrasives to clean off the rest.

Fun weekend plans

Well it’s been a long week and it’s only Wednesday.  Thanks to this IP rebuttal report I’ve not made it home before midnight this week so no progress has been made.  That said, I came home last night (this morning ?) to find this had arrived:

Between my vise and the plane this paint is for (more on that later) it’s going to be a rust removal weekend.

A new restoration project

Between the rebuttal report I’m working on (I was at the office past midnight on Monday) and my back acting up Ive not made much progress on the bench this weekend.  However, I did pick up a “new” vise off of Craig’s list.

I think it’s a craftsman Columbian vise and its a beast.  I had been planning on picking up a small quick release vise to use as and end vise (my bench is going to have a leg vise) but this thing is massive.

Some minor rust removal, oil, and maybe some new paint and this thing will be good to go.