Workbench- some time with the scrub plane

i had planned to spend the evening reading a 176 page expert report for an intellectual property dispute but when I took the trash out after dinner the work bench in garage looked lonely.

On Monday I had marked out the this was on the sides with my marking gauge so a grabbed a block plane and chamfored the edges down to that line.  This would give me an easy reference point and help to reduce squelching.  I quickly realized that some areas would require the removal of a lot of material which meant it was time to get some use out of my scrub plane. 

I acquired this plane from everyone’s favorite tool pusher last year and other that some time at the grinding wheel I have not touched it.  It’s blade (from Keen Kutter) could probably use its back polishing and the sole needs some minor rust removal but otherwise it is a fine worker.

  I have not really used a scrub plane before so it took some getting used to as it seems to cut butter with more force on the front tote than I usually use.  I was also amazed at how smith the surface could become given the lack of a polished back and a honed edge.  At some point I want to make something with that surface on a non-show face.

After about an hour I had a surface that was a bit closer to flat which will get a lot closer after some passes with the #6 this weekend.  A much better use of an evening than reading about lost sales due to infringing products.


4 thoughts on “Workbench- some time with the scrub plane

  1. Agreed. Scrub planes are way, way better than IP. Just don’t get hooked on the crack of the handplane world. Looks like you’re ready for a 6/7/8 and some winding sticks. Keep up the nice work


      • It’s worth making your own eventually, but to finish the bench any straight stock will work. Long rulers or I-beam style 2 to 4 ft levels work great (but only worth it if you already have or can borrow them)


      • For my smaller projects I have been using by 7 & 8 laid on their side in place of winding sticks but that wont work for something this wide.

        The plan is to get some pieces aluminum “angle iron” from the hardware store this weekend.


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