Harvey Ellis Saw Till – Part 10 – Case Complete

This weekend I finally glued on the last side of the main case.  In preparation, I ordered two new Bessy H style pipe clamps off of eBay as I realized I needed at least 6 clamps for the side (9 would have been better) and I only had 4 that were big enough.  The other two pipe clamps I have are from Harbor Freight and there was no comparison, buy the Bessy, they are worth the extra few dollars.

For once, a glue up went without a hitch though I ended up using one of my extra long clamps to hold the side on instead of the top and bottom which was less than ideal.


On Sunday the clamps came off; I trimmed off the trough tenon wedges; and assessed the end results.  There were some dents on the front edges and some minor height variations where the case sides met the top and bottom.  I steamed out the dents with a Clothing Iron and a damp rag then I planed the front edges until they lined up (by pure luck the edge gain for three of the sides ran continuous making this process much easier).


The tails on the bottom were trimmed flush with a block plane and my smoother but the rest will wait until I get a chance to hone/sharpen my tools (my stones are covered in construction debris and need cleaning).  I also filled some of the bigger gaps in the upper left dovetails with pine shims (see the picture) to tighten everything up for the inevitable glue failure.  Now it is time to build the actual saw racks and the french cleat so I can get this thing off my bench.  The door and drawer will wait until my bench is finished.

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