Lumber Rack – Finished

The contractors took over most of the garage (they found a rotten subfloor and joists in the bathroom when they ripped up the floor; the joys of 100 year old houses) so I didn’t get much work done during the week but I spent Saturday finally finishing up the lumber rack.  I used some strand board that was left over from an old crate (my pack rat tendencies paid off once again) and since it was cheap processed material I picked up a cheap modern disposable saw and cut it into strips.     While cutting out the pieces I noticed this odd bump in the strand board which I decided to cut around since it looked like a screw inside the board (bulge looked the same on each side) but when when I split it open there was nothing. Using some leftover drywall screws as clamps I glued the strand board to the 2×4 pieces.   In order to make sure the braces are all the same height I used a 6 foot pipe and some clamps.  It’s not clear but each of these angle up a few degrees, hopefully this will keep the boards in place during minor quakes.   My new Douglas fir got some stickers while it acclimatizes to my shop.  The garage looks a lot less cluttered.

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