Rocking Dino – One Down

It was a VERY productive weekend; I managed to complete Dino and I got Ralph very close to done as well. Dino got a spray-paint coat of red to the inside of his mouth and I painted the eyes using Tesoro Enamel sampler pack from Amazon (it was cheaper than getting a jar of black and a jar of white); the act of painting the eyes brought me back to my plastic model building days of my childhood. The red in the sampler kit was also a perfect match for the red spray paint so I used it to touch up a few dry spots in Dino’s mouth. The one mistake was painting the pupils before the whites so I did get some black bleeding into the white.

Ralph's Green rockers
Ralph’s Green rockers


Progress on Ralph was also good. The rockers got their green paint so they will have plenty of time to cure. I also allied a coat of primer to the body and let is cure overnight before painting the handles, cross piece, and the inside of the mouth (this is a change in order for Ralph as I realized pre-paining the mouth would make things easier). I also used a flux brush to apply a heavy coat of red deep inside the teeth where the spray-paint could not reach. At this point some thin filler was applied to some small defects which the paint showed and the body was sanded to remove any raised grain or paint globs.

Since dinosaurs may have had brightly colored feathers this may be an accurate paint-job.

I taped off the handles, cross piece, and the inside of the mouth and four coats of blue later things are looking pretty good. Next weekend I just need to paint the eyes (whites first this time) and touch up the mouth and I will be all done with this project.

Note the cross piece is green for Ralph
Note the cross piece is green for Ralph

In between coats of paint of Ralph I added one more tool rack to the wall near my bench to tame my drills and mallets. It was a scrap piece of red alder left over from the entertainment center build and some ½ inch dowel pieces. The dowel holes are drilled at an angle which will hopefully keep the tools in place next time the ground decides to do some salsa dancing.


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