Plane Rack – P2

Last night was a very productive night. After my son went to bed I got into a groove and worked until my wife told me it was nearly 10:30 and time for bed. I managed to finish the closet build out and make quite a bit of progress on my plane rack.

I added shelf pin holes to the lower section, put in the basic parts of the rack itself, and closed in the back of the lower section with ¼ inch Baltic birch plywood. I have been trying to use up a bunch of the leftovers in my shop to clear out some of the clutter so it has been fun altering the design to match what I have on hand.


To make it functional I just need to add the dividers to the rack and cut out a shelf for the bottom; I can add bottom doors and a lid at a later date. I am debating what to do for the bottom; my garage has a severe slope built into the floor to assist with drainage (house is built into the side of a hill so drainage is a concern) so there will need to be a base to level the stand. I have some 2.5” x 2.5” pine I found when we moved in and I think I will cut some short legs to lengths that will balance out the slope. This means it will be hard to move it to a new location but the need for an earthquake strap (this is San Francisco after all) makes it difficult anyway.


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