Moxon Vise – Part 3

The Moxon vise is almost functional. When I milled up the front and rear jaws at TechShop there was a large cutoff piece from the front jaw.  I decided to split this piece on the band saw to use as the rear support/hold-down point. Yesterday I squared these blocks up, smoothed them with my #4, and used some liquid hide glue to attach them to the rear raw.

The Veritas Wonder Dog is great for holding small parts.
The Veritas Wonder Dog is great for holding small parts.
I need better clamps
I need better clamps

After that I sanded the African Teak handles with 100 and 120 grit sand paper and applied a coat of BLO which gave them a beautiful color and a pleasant tactile feel. I have a large block of this stuff left (you can see it under my work bench above) which I plan on using for other handles in the future and a smaller piece that I plan on making into a panel gauge if I ever get caught up.


I also managed to drill screw holes in Ralf’s rockers; the new Franken-drill did a great job and it is much easier to work with than my old #2A. This is going to be my last post until sometime next week as I have a work even tonight (drinking and woodworking do not mix) and then tomorrow we head up to lake Tahoe for the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Moxon Vise – Part 3

    • Building one has been on my to-do list for quite a while, ever since I read about them on Chris Schwarz’s blog. This one is a combination of several I have seen, including one from Tom Fidgen’s book The Unplugged Workshop. I got the idea of using the flashing from a leg vise someone posted on Lumberjocks.

      It’s always good to steal from the best 🙂


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