Rocking Dino – Rocker Layout Part 3

Not much progress last night; client call in the afternoon meant I had to work late (day job keeps getting in the way of my woodworking). SWMBO stated that the arms are “super cute” so at least that decision has been made; I temporarily attached them with screws and have decided that I want to round over the tips a bit more so they will be coming off again this weekend.


I realized I did not have any ¼ inch dowel material for the eyes and decided to rive some oak and make pegs with my doweling plate. Instead of getting out my saw I decided to chop the pegs with a chisel which was a mistake; small pieces of dowel ended up all over the garage. I will buy some dowel stock at the hardware store near my office today at lunch and use a saw this time. On the plus side, I did get the eye sockets cleaned up and the tail notch is now square


I purchased some 5/8th diameter dowel stock from the hardware store yesterday and cut it down to size for use as the handle but I am not pleased with its rigidity. I have ordered some a maple dowel from Rockler and we will see if I like that better.


The to-do list for the weekend is not too bad:

-Sand/shape/install both sets of arms

-install eye dowels

-Layout/attach second dinosaur (hopefully I have learned my lessons from the first one)

-sand and round over everything down to 220

Hopefully I can get this project done soon and move onto the long list of items that are needed, like finishing construction of my workbench or some shop storage. The mess is starting to drive me crazy…


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