Woodworking in The Berenstain Bears

I’ve been workshop free in Philadelphia at my in-laws’ house so no work has been happening.  Instead I decided to post some images from the Berenstain Bears’ New Baby in which papa bear does some green woodworking to make small bear a new bed.

I’ve been reading this book to my son for months and this scene still bothers me, in particular the weird plane in Papa Bear’s tool box.

Things are a bit more reasonable during the actual construction; note the stump and log work holding and another weird plane.

All for now, hopefully the new year will start with an assembled table top.

Back at it

Between travel for work, thanksgiving travel, and one of my vices taking hold (Fallout 4 was released for Xbox One) little progress has been made on the table recently.  Today I managed to mill the remaining boards for the top which I will hopefully glue up tomorrow.  
Aparently I am starting. To get the hang of flattening boards because there was a lot less twist in these than the previous three.

Leg Vise – Done

Over lunch today I stopped by the hardware store and picked up a 3/4 inch spade bit which I used to bore out the end of the acme screw hub.  A bit of rough plane work and some 5 minute epoxy resulted in a usable hub and some scrap dowels became a handle.  Next time I get the spindle sander out I will clean up the hub and take off the white paint on the handle ends but otherwise it is complete.

Leg Vise – almost done

Other than the handle, the leg vise is complete and it’s usable as is.

The parallel guide for planed down to final thickness and fitted it into both through mortices.  Then two dowel holes were drilled through the chop with the parallel bar in place.  Then came two series of holes on one inch spaces, offset by a half inch between them.

Then the parallel bar was pinned in place and the end received wedges, both to fill the gaps and to make sure it was not going anywhere.

Split leather (from Amazon) was then glued to the chop face (and the end cise chop as well) with liquid hide glue and called it a night.

Sunday the acme nut was mortised into the back of the leg and an oil impregnated bushing was screwed to hold urban place.

Some time with the card scraper and some boiled linseed oil and it’s functional.  Unfortunately the wooden handle I was planning to use did not work out.  I was planning to use the African Teak left over from the Moxon vise but when I tried to drill the hole for the acme threaded rod the screw on the auger bit stripped out of the end grain almost immediately and I don’t have a drill press so that will need to wait.  Luckily at the moment I can just use another nut and a wrench.

Leg Vise – part 3

Last night was all about through mortices. I flipped the bench on its back (the weight of the vise combined with the offset leg made this a challenge) and marked out the half inch by 2 and 7/8 through mortice on the leg.  Aparently the legs had case hardened in the past few couple of months and my marking knife chipped the surface even when going with the grain.  Then I drilled out most of the waste and copped/ pared out the rest.

After flipping the bench back upright i bolted the chop to the bench and clamped it in place to mark the mortice location.  I marked both sides of the chop and pared it down to ensure clean edges.  Then I drilled and chopped out the waste and almost finished before my wife told me it was 10 o’clock and I called it a night.

I also adjusted the chop on my end vise and it finally closes properly.  Once I clean up the motive the next step will be attaching leather to the faces of both vises.